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There is still a bike shortage due to disruptions to the global supply chain and increased demand. We expect to continue receiving bike shipments periodically through 2022. Please continue checking this page for updates.

Inventory List (updated 7/12/22) 

Hybrids/City Bikes:

All-City Big Block (52cm, 55cm)

Fyxation East Side (49cm, 52cm, 55cm, 58cm [black])

Fyxation Pixel 7 (50cm, 54cm, 58cm)

Fyxation Urbex (SM)

Jamis Citizen Step-Thru ( 16")

Jamis Citizen 2 (19")

Jamis Citizen 2 Step-Thru (14")

Jamis Coda S2 (19", 21", 23")

Jamis DXT A3 (14" step-thru, 18" step-thru)

Jamis Hudson Disc (14" step-thru, 17", 19" 21")

Linus Cesta 7 (MD [cream, marine blue])

Linus Dutchi 3 (MD [marine blue, blush, red])

Linus Mixte 3 (MD [black, sky blue])

Linus Mixte 7 (MD [blue, gray])

Linus Pronto (MD, LG [indigo])

Linus Pronto Step-Thru (MD [indigo])

Linus Rover (MD [silver], LG [black, silver])

Road/Gravel/Touring Bikes:

All-City Nature Cross SS (52cm)

All-City Space Horse GRX (55cm)

All-City Space Horse Tiagra (49cm, 52cm, 58cm)

All-City Super Professional Geared (55cm)

All-City Gorilla Monsoon (49cm, 52cm)

Fyxation Quiver Arc (S, L)

Jamis Renegade A1 (51cm)

Surly Disc Trucker (52cm, 54cm, 58cm)

Surly Ghost Grappler (MD)

Surly Ogre (LG)

Mountain Bikes:

Jamis Helix A2 (14")

Jamis Trail XR (14", 17")

Folding Bikes:

Tern Link A7

Tern Link C8

Tern Link D7i

Electric Bikes:

Aventon Aventure Step-Thru (S/M, M/L [sand], S/M, M/L [green])

Aventon Level (LG, [stone grey])

Aventon Level Step-Thru (S/M [stone grey])

Aventon Pace 500 (MD [black], LG [black])

Civia Parkway Step-over (LG [red]) (on sale)

Jamis Hudson Step-Thru (14" [gray, blue], 18" [gray, blue])

Linus Cesta 500 (MD [cream])

Linus Ero 500 (black)

Kids Bikes:

Linus Lil Dutchi

Jamis Miss Daisy

Jamis Starlite


All-City Gorilla Monsoon (52cm, 55cm [charred berry])

Surly Cross-Check (50cm, 54cm [black])

Tanglefoot Hardtack (SM, MD, LG [PINK])

Tanglefoot Moonshiner (SM, MD, LG)

Velo Orange Polyvalent Low-Kicker (MD)

Wilde Earth Ship (MD)

Wilde Full Wolf (MD)



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